Digital Melting Point

Digital Melting Point
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Product Description

This compact, feature rich and portable melting point apparatus provides a visual means of determining the melting points of solid samples. A user interface consisting of a backlit alphanumeric LCD and a 6 key membrane keypad allows selection, control and display of temperature digitally. The dual heating block allows for 2 samples to be tested at once and will display the temperature in °C, °F or K units. The LCD runs the menu system that directs the user to set options for controlling the melting process.

The apparatus is designed to measure and record the temperatures of crystalline samples held within capillary tubes. Up to two tubes are accommodated simultaneously in an illuminated slot within the heater block. The tubes are viewed through the plastic eye piece fitted with a magnifying lens.

This device is compliant to EN61010-2010 with certificates available on request.


• Temperature Resolution : 0.1°C, 0.1°F, 0.1K

• Operating Range: Ambient Temperature to 400°C, 752°F, 673K

• Plateau Temperature: Above Ambient Temperature to 399°C, 751°F, 672K

• Ramp Rates: 20°C/min till plateau, 0°C/min to 10°C/min, 1°F/min to 10°F/min, 1K/min to 10K/min

• Electrical Supply: 230V, 50Hz, 65W

• Cabinet Dimensions: W185 x D220 x H176mm

• Net Weight: 1.4kg

GBP549.99 ex VAT

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