Digital Clinical Thermometer EA

Digital Clinical Thermometer EA
£4.85 ex VAT

Product Description

Features small physical size and low mass, and the LCD digital display provides a rapid, unambiguous readout. An audible tone indicates completion of the measuring period and automatic switch-off takes place after ten minutes to conserve battery life.

• Measurement range: 32.0 to 43.0°C

• Accuracy: ± 0.1°C

• Sensor: Thermistor

• Readout: three digit LCD with indication of out-of-range high or low temperature and low battery

• Sampling rate: two per second

• Power source: Silver oxide cell type SR41W or equivalent giving 200 hours life (three years of normal use approx)

• Power switch: Manual on/off button

• Automatic switch-off: ten minutes after last indication

• Dimensions: L130 x W18 x H9mm overall

• Probe tip diameter: 3mm

• Mass: 7g

Supplied fitted with silver oxide cell SR41W.

£4.85 ex VAT

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