S-Range Digicounter

S-Range Digicounter
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Product Description

A versatile counter suitable for timing, frequency, period and radioactivity measurement. A built-in high stability crystal controlled oscillator ensures a typical accuracy of 0.005% on all measuring ranges. The period measurement and display function enables very low frequencies to be measured rapidly with a high degree of accuracy. It also allows triggered timing of trolley speeds (etc.) to be performed using a single light gate; and by shorting the period input, infinite radioactivity or frequency counts may be obtained.


•  Inputs: E.H.T BNC connector for a G.M. tube. Supply voltage adjustable from 300 to 500V

•  Counting time: 1, 10, 100 or 1000 seconds and infinity. Can be set to take a single or a continuous series of readings, each being displayed for 3 seconds before the next is taken

•  Rate: Obtained by dividing the count reading by the counting time

•  Speaker: Output will feed into a speaker of any impedance

•  Timing Ranges: 0 to 99.9999 x 0.1ms; 0 to 999.999 x 1ms; 0 to 9999.99 x 0.01s (10ms); 0 to 99999.9 x 0.1s (100ms)

•  Accuracy: Better than 0.005% ±1 count

•  Gating: (1) By manual front panel stop/start switch;(2) By make or break input sockets; (3) By triggering timing stop/start inputs. Output 2V and 6V a.c. at 0.5A for light gate or similar amps


•  Inputs: (1) Low frequency, d.c. to 3MHz minimum (5MHz typical). Will operate with T.T.L inputs, light gates etc.; (2) high frequency, capacitively coupled 30Hz to 3MHz minimum (5MHz typical); (3) High gain, input voltage required 0.8mV r.m.s. from 30Hz to 20kHz; recommended microphone - high impedance dynamic type

•  Input impedance: 20Ω for inputs (1) and (2); 100kΩ for input (3)

•  Accuracy: Better than 0.005% -+ 1 count


• Timing intervals: 0.1, 1, 10 and 100ms

• This device is compliant to EN61010-2010 with certificates available on request

GBP575 ex VAT
In stock

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