Power Lead - 5W

Power Lead - 5W
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Product Description

Spare charger for microscopes prior to 2015/16:

Please note the code specfied below is the old Microscope code for information purposes only:

Stereo Zoom Microscope Sks39Z - B8H70279

Stereo Microscope Sks31 - B8R02400

Stereo Microscope Sks26 - B8R02399

Biological Microscope Sk124 - B8R02396

Biological Microscope Sk132 - B8R02372

Biological Microscope Sk54 - B8R02394

Biological Microscope Sk102 - B8R02395

Biological Microscope Sk52 - B8R02393

Classic BE-211A W100 x Mono Microscope - B8R04266

Microscope Long Arm Stereo - B8A75991

Zeta 51 LED Microscope - B8H70279

ZETA 100 LED Microscope - B8H70280

Zeta 120 LED Microscope - B8H70292

Zeta 121 LED Microscope - B8H70309

Student Microscope With Led Illuminator - B8L87699

GBP7.35 ex VAT
In stock

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