Dino-Eye AM4023X Microscope Eyepiece Camera

Dino-Eye AM4023X Microscope Eyepiece Camera
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Product Description

The Dino-Eye is a range of digital eyepiece cameras. You can replace the ocular (eyepiece) of regular microscopes with the Dino-Eye which turns the regular microscope into a digital microscope. The AM4023X has different adapters to fit microscopes with 23, 30 or 30,5 mm eyepieces.

The 1.3MP resolution image sensor (1280x1024) can capture video at 15fps, or up to 30fps at lower resolutions, through a USB2.0 connection. The Dino-Eye approximates to a 20x eyepiece meaning that a 10x objective would give you the same view as a 10x eyepiece and 20x objective. The included DinoCapture software features facilities for annotating images with text and simple shapes such as lines, boxes and circles. Software measurement facilities with calibration are included for accurate measurements of subjects such as cells. Single images and real-time video can be captured, and time-lapse video can be recorded and played back at frame rates of your choosing.


Resolution: 1280x1024pixels(1,3MP)

Magnification: 72,5x magnifictaion rate of the objective

Working Distance: Not Applicable

Interface: USB 2.0

Nr. of LED's: Not applicable

LED on/off switchable: No

LED color: Not applicable

Material: Aluminium

Exchangeable caps: No

Microtouch: No

Scroll lock: No

Output: Picture, Video, Time-lapsed video

Video Frame Rate: Up to 30 frames-per-second, 15fps at 1.3M

Measurement: Yes

Calibration: Yes

Filter/Diffuser: None

Compatibility: Windows XP, upto Windows 8, MacOS 10.4 +

Software: DinoCapture for Windows, DinoXcope for MacOS

JPEG Codec: None

Special: None

GBP199.99 ex VAT
In stock

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