Dino-Lite AM5116ZT Handheld USB Microscope

Dino-Lite AM5116ZT Handheld USB Microscope
GBP441.75 ex VAT

Product Description

The Dino-Lite AM5116ZT connects directly to a VGA screen via a VGA (D-SUB) connector. It offers a high frame rate of up to 60fps at 1024x768 (XGA) resolution, resulting in crystal clear images. The AM5116ZT is the ideal choice in situations where real time images are vital, such as working on PCB's or other miniature objects. By tapping the Microtouch sensor on the microscope, the image can be frozen for inspection of important details and by pressing the Microtouch sensor for 2 seconds the LEDs can be switched on and off. The built-in adjustable polarizer reduces glare and reflection on shiny objects, such as metal surfaces, electronics, plastics etc.


• Resolution: 1024 x 768pixels

• Magnification: 10X ~ 70X, 200X

• Interface:VGA (D-SUB) Connector

• 8 white light LEDs

• Output: Video

• Video Frame Rate: Up to 60 frames-per-second

• Filter/Diffuser:Built-in polarizer

• Direct VGA connection

• 0-70, 200X Magnification, with lock

GBP441.75 ex VAT

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