Travelling Microscope

Travelling Microscope
£379.99 ex VAT

Product Description

Horizontal and vertical scales of brass steel. The cast iron base is fitted with levelling screws with the top duly machined over which slides a metal carriage. Slide can be clamped at any position by means of clamping screw. A vertical slide operating in a similar way is fitted on the horizontal carriage. The microscope with rack and pinion is fitted on this vertical carriage and can be clamped in a vertical or horizontal position. Stage for placing objects for measurement is fitted with perspex plate. Achromatic lenses have been used. Slides travel 210 mm horizontally and 160 mm vertically. Eyepiece: 10x, FL: 50 mm. Vernier reading 0.02 or 0.01 mm. Supplied in wooden polished case.

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