Maltese Cross Tube

Maltese Cross Tube
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Product Description

For showing the linear propagation of cathode rays, magnetic deflection of cathode rays, image distortion due to electrostatic charging, comparison of cathodic stream and electromagnetic radiation and an introduction to electron optics using a single Helmholtz coil.

The tube comprises the standard spherical glass body with cylindrical neck, a diode electron gun with a filament and cylindrical anode connected to 4mm sockets in the plastic cap, a metal Maltese cross mounted in the centre of the sphere, (connected via a 4mm plug in one of the side caps) and a phosphor coated screen.

• Maximum filament voltage: 7.5V

• Anode voltage: 2000 to 5000V

• Anode current:4000V 1.8mA

Supplied complete with instructions.

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