Planar Diode

Planar Diode
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Product Description

The diode is used to show the basic thermionic effects in vacuum tubes, including:

Current flow between an incandescent filament and a cold electrode (the Edison effect). Determination of e/m by the displacement method using Helmholtz coils.

Characteristic anode current/anode voltage curves for different filament temperatures.

Application of a diode as a rectifier.

The diode consists of a basic glass spherical body with a cylindrical neck, containing a tungsten filament with 4mm connections sockets in the plastic cap on the neck and a circular anode plate connected to a 4mm plug connection on the sphere.

• Optimum anode voltage: 500V.

• Maximum anode current: 5mA.

• Maximum filament voltage: 7.5V.

Supplied complete with instructions.

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