Experimental Radioactivity Kit

Experimental Radioactivity Kit
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Product Description

This set enables a comprehensive range of experimental investigations into the characteristics and properties of radioactive emission to be carried out.

The kit consists of the following items:

• Radioactivity bench with accessories

• Set of absorbers

• Collimator, B8H27129

This experimental set will enable students to investigate the following:

1.To classify radioactive and non-radioactive solids.

2.To investigate the randomness of the radiation emitted by a Radium 226 source.

3.To compare the activity of emitters.

4.To reduce the intensity of radiation emitted by a source.

5.To separate the radiation emitted by a Radium 226 source.

6.To investigate the rate of decay of a radioactive source and to determine the half-life of that decay process.

7.To determine the range of alpha particles in the air.

8.To investigate the absorption of beta particles in a metal.

9.To investigate the attenuation of gamma rays in lead.

10.To investigate the relationship between the intensity of gamma rays at a point and the distance of that point from the source.

11.To monitor the distribution in space of the emission from a radiation source.

12.To investigate the deflection of a stream of beta particles in a magnetic field.

13.To investigate the back scattering of beta radiation by solids.

14.To gauge the thickness of aluminium foil by the transmission of beta particles.

15.To gauge the level of a liquid or powder by the transmission of beta particles.

GBP99.99 ex VAT

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