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The Tel-X-Ometer enables investigations to be carried out in the normal school laboratory. Extensive safety precautions are built into the apparatus, which conforms completely to the recommendations of the International Commission on Radiological Protection, 1968.

Schools should check CLEAPSS guide L93 Ionising Radiations and Radioactive Substances before purchase.

The radiation level at 50mm from any part of the surface of the instrument does not exceed 0.5mR per hour. Also, in accordance with the recommendations laid down, a warning card is supplied with each instrument for affixing to the door of the room where the experiments are to be conducted.

The apparatus is in effect an X-ray spectrometer which, by means of simple adaptations, will fulfil a range of requirements as follows:

• A broad beam of X-rays for analysis of their general properties

• Single crystal Bragg Diffractometer having a scale accuracy of 5 minutes of arc

• Powder Camera for Debye/Scherrer experiments to an accuracy of 30 minutes of arc

• Fluorescent radiation emitter for a study of the Moseley Theory

• An experimental region for the mounting of innovative studies of the teachers choice.


A specially designed miniature X-ray tube is used which protrudes through the cast aluminium base of the spectrometer table and is enclosed within a thick walled lead glass dome.

The apparatus is supplied with the X-ray tube installed and aligned for immediate use. Every instrument is carefully checked under working conditions before dispatch, in addition to thorough testing of the X-ray tube itself.

Mains power is supplied via 2m of 3-core cable and a sector enables the instrument to operate on voltages between 110 and 240, at 50 to 60Hz.

A detailed instruction book is provided giving set-up details, notes for twenty-five experiments (using the accessory set) and teacher’s notes. Height 250mm, diameter 370mm. Mass 9kg. Supplied complete with X-ray tube.

GBP5800 ex VAT

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