Alpha GCSE Physics Students Kit KIT

Alpha GCSE Physics Students Kit KIT
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Product Description

The ALPHA Physics Student kit has been designed to incorporate electronic applications into Physics lessons. The various boards offer versatility and cover a wide range of topics including potential divider, characteristics of LDR’s and thermistors, transistors and logic gates. Both teacher and student notes are included. Each kit is suitable for one student working from the student notes.


1 x Alpha Power Supply Regulator Board

1 x Comparator

1 x Inverter

1 x Two Input OR Gate

1 x Two Input AND Gate

1 x Transistor Switch/Indicator

1 x Diode Unit

1 x Temperature Sensing Unit

1 x Rain Sensing Unit

2 x Switch Unit

1 x Light Sensing Unit

1 x Input Voltage Unit

1 x 100k Potentiometer

1 x Power Link Board

1 x Alphalink (Brown)

5 x Alphalink (Yellow)

1 x Buzzer Unit

1 x Bulb Unit

PLEASE NOTE: To power the system, the Alpha Power Supply Regulator Board is included. This takes 8 to 12V d.c. or a.c. from any bench power supply and converts it to a regulated 5V d.c. with a centre tap at 2.5V. It limits the current supplied to an Alpha circuit to 0.5A. It is the ideal way to power Alpha, virtually eliminating risks of accidental overload and incorrect polarity.

GBP144.95 ex VAT

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