Digital Magnetic Flux Density Unit

Digital Magnetic Flux Density Unit
GBP254.99 ex VAT

Product Description

• Direct method of measuring magnetic field strengths

• It can be used to detect and measure the Earth's magnetic field

• Factory calibrated Hall-effect probe

• 0-1V output for connection to data-loggers

This unit measures magnetic field strengths directly up to 2000mT (millitesla). Using a Hall-effect probe mounted on a rotatable ball and socket head, the Digital Magnetic Flux Density Meter can be used to investigate the fields surrounding magnets and coils quantitatively and immediately, without using indirect methods such as flux coils and ballistic galvanometers. The probe is permanently attached and is factory calibrated to the meter unit.

The unit has 3 ranges 0-19.99, 0-199.9, and 0-1999mT selected by a 3 position switch, which cover most laboratory requirements.

The 3½ digit LCD display (digit height 12mm) features automatically set decimal point. The sensitive multi-turn set-zero control can be used to compensate for unwanted background fields. Note that on the most sensitive range, the Earth's magnetic field can be measured.

As well as displaying the measured field strength on the LCD display, a p.d. from 0-1V, proportional to the reading, is available at 4mm sockets for connection to a data-logger of input resistance greater than 100kΩ.

Mass: 1.5kg

Size: 240 x 135 x 65mm

Power supplied via: Mains, with 250mA antisurge fuse.

This device is compliant to EN61010-2010 with certificates available on request.

GBP254.99 ex VAT

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