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Hall Effect Experiment - N-Type

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Hall Effect Experiment - N-Type

The semi-conductor germanium, with its high carrier mobility, makes it possible to demonstrate the Hall effect with very simple equipment.

The wafer on this board measures 10 x 5 x 1mm and is mounted on a printed circuit panel which allows a magnet to be brought near the wafer surface. (Owing to the fragile nature of the wafer, a piece of card should be used to protect it against direct contact with the magnet).

A 10kΩ zero balance control is fitted. Two SP2 cells are needed to provide the circulating current and the bar magnet will then produce a Hall voltage which can be read directly on a millivoltmeter.

All sockets are 4mm.

Nuffield specification 1012.

Mass: 0.3kg

Size: 110 x 50 x 23mm.

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