Harris Worcester Circuit Board

Harris Worcester Circuit Board
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Product Description

The Harris Worcester Circuit Board consists of a baseboard, terminals, a set of metal connection pillars and a number of clip-on flexible connection strips and accessory units, allowing a variety of circuits to be constructed quickly and easily. Phosphor-bronze connection strips are so designed that when flexed a little they are easily slipped over the pegs where their natural spring holds them in position and ensures a good electrical contact.


• Rapid assembly of simple circuits

• Wide range of accessories

The following components are also supplied with each board:

• 18 flash lamp bulbs, 1.25V, 0.25A

• 9 connectors with lamp holder

• 12 plain connectors

• 1 connector with rheostat

• 1 rectifier

• 1 resistor

• 2 flexible leads with 4mm plug and crocodile clips

• 2 flexible leads with crocodile clips

• 2 crocodile clips

• 2 mounted bell pushes

• 2 soft iron nails, 50mm, square head

• 1 length bare copper wire, 20 s.w.g.

• 1 length bare Eureka wire, 34 s.w.g.

• 1 length plastic-covered wire, 0.6mm

• 1 hardboard disc, drilled

• 4 pencil leads

• 1 piece copper foil

• 1 piece steel wool

Supplied WITHOUT batteries.

GBP44.99 ex VAT
In stock

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