Harris Worcester Circuit Board Pack of four

Harris Worcester Circuit Board Pack of four
GBP165 ex VAT

Product Description

• Rapid assembly of simple circuits

• Wide range of accessories

Kit consists of a baseboard, terminals, a set of metal connection pillars and a number of clip-on flexible connection strips and accessory units, allowing a variety of circuits to be constructed quickly and easily. Phosphor-bronze connection strips are designed so that when flexed a little they are easily slipped over the pegs where their natural spring holds them in position and ensures a good electrical contact.

The following components are supplied with each board:

• 9 Bulb holders

• 1 Bag 16 4.5v Bulbs

• 2 Push-button switches

• 1 Variable resistor (potentiometer)

• 12 Connecting bars

• 1 Resistor

• 1 Coil of wire, 19 gauge copper

• 1 Coil of white wire, 24 gauge copper

• 1 Coil of steel wire, 28 gauge

• 2 Red connecting wires

• 2 Black connecting wires

• 2 Crocodile clips

• 1 Container of graphite rods

• 1 Bag Steel wool

• 1 Instructions

Supplied WITHOUT batteries.

GBP165 ex VAT

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