Rheostat, Standard Range - 5A

Rheostat, Standard Range - 5A
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We supply a comprehensive range of rheostats offering excellent value for money. They are wound with heavily oxidised resistance wire on a vitreous enamelled tube with the winding secured in place with a ceramic cement. The tube is supported on robust diecast end stands and the heavy duty sliding contact is of the multi-leaf phosphor bronze type, nickel-plated for corrosion resistance. 4mm terminal posts are fitted, facilitating external connection by conventional 4mm plug leads, spade terminals or bare-ended leads.

Rheostat, Standard Range - 5A


Resistance: 8.5

Max current 5A

Tube size: 200 x 43mm

Overall Size: 255 x 100 x 63

Dimensions: 200 x 43

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