Solenoid Superior

Solenoid Superior
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Product Description

This large solenoid offers a range of experiments around of magnetic fields and the transformer effect. Used with a variable d.c. supply and a Magnetic Flux Density Meter the field can be measured at various positions inside and outside the coil, for a range of currents.

The Solenoid’s main coil is of 200 turns, wound on a 50mm diameter tube. The overall length of the windings is 420mm. A second coil is wound on the same tube, with the same overall length. This coil is tapped at 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 70 and 100 turns on either side of the centre, effectively offering a range of coils from 5 turns to 200 turns. The relationship between flux density, number of turns, current and length of coil can be fully investigated.

4mm sockets are colour coded to encourage correct connection: black sockets – main 200 turn coil; red sockets – second coil 200 turns with tappings.

Used with a variable a.c. supply and suitable a.c. meters (e.g. Easy Read meter and 20V a.c. Attachment) students can investigate the behavior of a crude transformer. The two coils are used as primary and secondary winding in various turns ratios. The efficiency is very low. Steel laboratory retort stand rods can be used singly or in small numbers to provide a core for the transformer to illustrate increasing efficiency.

This introductory work can lead into investigation of practical transformer e.g. C-cores and Transformer Coils where the complete magnetic path provides much higher efficiency. Students can also extend their study using the Dissectible Transformer and its accessories, where they can investigate applications of transformer principles to induction and motors.

Maximum Voltage: 6V a.c. and d.c.

Maximum current: 7A a.c. and d.c.

Coils: 200 turns 20swg copper wire + 200 turns 19swg tapped.

Size: 530 x 175 x 115mm

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