Westminster Electromagnetics Kit PK

Westminster Electromagnetics Kit PK
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Product Description

A comprehensive kit sufficient for 8 students, containing all of the essential apparatus for a variety of investigations into the important phenomena of electromagnetism. The kit includes special magnets, C-cores, yokes and armatures for constructing the model motor, insulated copper wire, compasses, iron filings, MES and neon lamps, etc. It also includes detailed Teacher's Notes describing the procedures and theoretical background.

The experiments catered for include:

• General investigation of magnets including attraction, repulsion, and the magnetic meridian

• Investigation of the magnetic field due to magnets with highly visual activities

• Investigation of the magnetic field due to electric current, including simple galvanometers, electromagnets and vibrators

• Forces on currents in magnetic fields including: moving coil ammeter; simple electric motor construction and use; electromagnetic induction- the dynamo

• Alternating current: transformers and power line

• Eddy current and damping

• Force between currents

• a.c. Resonance; back e.m.f. and inductance

£275.99 ex VAT

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