Malvern Electrostatics Kit KIT

Malvern Electrostatics Kit KIT
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Product Description

Ideal for small group experiments in electrostatics. The set is built around the dual-purpose electroscope which, while being suitable for general work also enables comparative measurements to be made on the activity of weak radioactive materials. The electroscope has an internal transparent scale divided 0 to 90° (x 10°). Removable glass panels are provided at the front and back, one clear and one ground. A removable insulation bush is fitted into the top of the case, which supports the plated metal blade to which the gold leaf may be attached, and a 4mm socket earthing terminal is fitted at the side of the case. Two interchangeable electrodes are supplied - a 50mm disc on a peg and an elongated hook 160mm long, which may be removed after charging by using an insulating rod. Isolating the gold leaf mount reduces its capacity and increases the sensitivity of the electroscope for radioactivity experiments. The kit comprises:

• 1 x Electroscope with top plate and hook electrode

• 1 x Packet of gold leaves

• 4 x Metallised polystyrene spheres

• 1 x Reel of very fine nylon thread

• 2 x Polythene plate, 75mm square

• 1 x Electrophorus plate, 50mm diameter with insulating handle

• 1 x Proof Plane

• 2 x Aluminum Calorimeters

• 1 x Cellulose acetate strip

• 1 x Polythene strip with woolen rubber

• 1 x Stirrup for suspending strip

GBP97.99 ex VAT

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