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Shunts for Basic Student and Centre-Zero Meters - 1/5A d.c.

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Shunts for Basic Student and Centre-Zero Meters - 1A/ 5A d.c.

One of a set of shunts and multipliers developed to withstand overloads resulting from common student errors. Tough Shunts cover the ranges of voltage and current commonly required in practical work.

• d.c. Ammeter Attachments: these units consist of suitable resistor networks mounted in a grey component channel fitted with three 4mm terminals as a common positive with two ranges.

• d.c. Voltmeter Attachments: similar to the d.c. ammeter attachments described above except that the two resistor networks are arranged to have a common negative terminal.

• a.c. Voltmeter and Ammeter Attachments: similar to their d.c. equivalents except that appropriate rectifying or transformer circuits are included designed for 50/60Hz circuits.

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