Investigating Resistivity

Investigating Resistivity
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Product Description

Low cost apparatus for student investigation into resistance, length and cross-sectional area

Also acts as a bridge or potentiometer.

This 40cm Resistance Board is designed to allow students to investigate resistance quantitively. The board is fitted with 4mm terminals connected by a length of resistance wire against a scale, and a “jockey”.

Wire samples are provided. These are 0.30mm, 0.44mm and 0.54mm in diameter. Experiments into the relationship between resistance and cross-sectional area can easily be conducted. If required other types of material can be connected between the sockets and their resistance investigated.

Sockets are provided to enable the board to be used as a 40cm bridge/potentiometer. The Unilab Basic Student Meter (B8H30981) fitted with appropriate shunt is ideal for use with this board. Power can be provided by a 1.5V SP2 (R20) battery and or any low voltage power supply (e.g. Lockmaster B8G85469).

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