Unilab Motion QED

Unilab Motion QED
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Product Description

Motion QED is a popular self-contained unit designed to store and calculate times, speeds and accelerations. Please note light gates are not included.


Event Timer: From 2 to 8 readings, timing each event.

Interval Timing: From 1 to 4 readings: up to 4 successive obstructions on any combination of the four inputs can be measured and displayed.

Speed: From 1 to 4 readings: speeds (in meters per second, display shows m/s) are calculated and displayed for mask lengths of 1 to 10cm (in 1cm steps) or from 10 to 200cm (in 10cm steps).

Gap Timer: From 1 to 3 readings: similar to Interval Timing with only the leading edge of an obstruction being recognised so that times between gates are recorded and displayed.

Average Speed: 1 reading: based on the Gap Timing Mode above, this program calculates and displays an average speed (in m/s) between gates which are from 10 to 200cm apart (in 10cm steps).

Acceleration: 1 or 2 readings: for a vehicle carrying a single or double mask of known length passing through successive gates, the acceleration is calculated and displayed (as m/s/s).

Technical Details:

Inputs: 4 TTL inputs protected against misconnection up to 20V a.c. or d.c.; 4mm sockets with 1 “Manual” push-button.

Outputs: 12V to power external devices such as light gates; 4mm sockets

Power: 12 to 16V a.c. or d.c. from a low voltage power supply.

Protection: two internal 500mA anti-surge fuses.

Timing: times to ±1ms.

Mass: 0.9kg.

Size: 240 x 135 x 45mm

GBP339.95 ex VAT
In stock

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