Wooden Dynamics Trolley

Wooden Dynamics Trolley
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Product Description

The trolley consists of a rectangular body carried upon three low-friction wheels and is supplied with one strong spring plunger and three dowel pegs.

Several trolleys may be stacked on top of each other and are held in position by holes drilled underneath which fit over dowel rods placed in corresponding holes in the upper surface of the lower trolley. This enables the effective mass of a trolley to be increased to twice or three times its basic mass. Sufficient space is provided on the flat top of the trolley for the addition of heavy loads. In the front end of the trolley are two holes with corks and if long pins are pushed through these corks, two trolleys can be made to stick together for inelastic collisions.

Ideal for experiments in:

• Basic acceleration down an inclined plane (diluted gravity)

• Investigation of the effect of different accelerating forces on different masses

• Investigation of elastic collisions between trolleys

• Investigation of inelastic collisions

• Investigating the sharing of momentum between two trolleys

• Simple harmonic motion

Dimensions: 290 x 140 x 90mm.

Mass: 0.87kg.

GBP72.99 ex VAT

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