Philip Harris Semiconductor Laser

Philip Harris Semiconductor Laser
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Product Description

A compact fully solid state instrument which produces an intense beam of light at a wavelength of 630nm and can be mounted directly upon a standard type optical bench. An adjustable collimator is incorporated providing focusing facilities and control over beam divergence. A useful feature is the modulation facility which permits experiments in laser communications and speed of light investigations to be carried out. Modulation may be demonstrated by means of the built-in oscillator, or from an external signal source. For these applications an accessory receiver unit is available. The case has rubber feet and a threaded bush for attachment of items from the mounting kit, B8A46152. A key operated ON/OFF switch is incorporated. (Please contact customer services if a spare key is required).

• Power output: 0.9mW nominal, 1mW absolute maximum.

• Category Class: 2 with Wavelength 630nm.

• Beam divergence: 1 mrad approx. at optimum focus.

• Modulation capability: Analogue or digital.

• Internal modulation: pulsed at 1MHz, pulse width 0.1μs.

• External modulation: 1V peak to peak max., 100Hz to 1MHz, input impedance 50Ω.

• Modulation input connectors: 3.5mm jack sockets.

• Operating voltage: 8 to 12V d.c. from internal PP3 type battery (alkaline recommended), and from smoother and regulated source via ‘power in’ socket.

• Current consumption: 50mA typical, giving approximately 9 hours operation from alkaline PP3.

• Dimensions: 160 x 65 x 72mm overall (including collimator).

• Mass: 400g.

GBP230 ex VAT

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