Comprehensive Fibre Optics Kit

Comprehensive Fibre Optics Kit
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Product Description

This system enables the basic properties of optical fibres to be investigated and the ideas then extended to demonstration of some of the principal scientific and commercial uses. The low-cost plastic fibre may be cut to any desired length with a sharp knife and does not require any special terminating devices. It is also completely non hazardous. The system comprises a transmitter, a receiver (both built onto P.C. boards 120 x 150mm) and a 25m length of optical fibre. 20m of this is intended for speed of light determination and long distance communication demonstrations.


• Light source: High intensity red LED, output at 630nm.

• Modulation: Internal or external. The internal modulation source is a 300kHz oscillator (normally used for the speed of light experiment).

• External modulation input: 0 to 2V d.c. linear, up to 5V digital, or a.c. coupled via external capacitor (not supplied).

• External modulation frequency range: d.c. to greater than 300kHz, TTL compatible.

• Monitor output: 0 to 2.5V, for connection to an oscilloscope, or to measure the LED operating current.

• Power requirements: 5 to 6V smooth d.c., reverse polarity protected.

• Terminations, Optical: simple push in connection for 1mm diameter optical fibres.

• Terminations, Electrical: all connections by both 2mm and 4mm sockets.


• Input: Solid state photo-detector.

• Output 1: d.c. to greater than 5kHz, for connection to meters etc. and general analogue audio signals.

• Output 2: High speed digital output, 0 to 5V from below 20Hz to above 300kHz.

• Controls: Two, providing for zero-set and gain on output 1.

• Power requirements: 5 to 6V smooth d.c. reverse polarity protected, (the transmitter and receiver may share the same power supply if desired).

• Terminations, Optical: simple push-in connection for 1mm diameteroptical fibres.

• Terminations, Electrical: all connections by both 2mm and 4mm sockets.

GBP295.5 ex VAT

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