Model Eye Kit KIT

Model Eye Kit KIT
£89.99 ex VAT

Product Description

Demonstration kit comprising a 5 litre round bottom glass flask complete with a cork ring stand, 450g of plastic modelling clay and one each of the following 50mm diameter meniscus lenses +11D, +8D, +5.5D, +2.5D, -3D. The first three lenses are fixed to the flask with plastic modelling clay to show short, normal and long sight respectively when a beam of light is passed through them. The other two lenses are used for correcting the long and short sighted condition. The flask is filled with water and add a little fluorescein (sold separately) in order to show the path of light through the model eye.

Ideal to be used with the LED.white (sold separately).

Customers will need to purchase Fluorescein sodium salt separately.

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