Ray Optics with Laser Ray Box KIT

Ray Optics with Laser Ray Box KIT
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Product Description

An exciting way to learn about optics by building and exploring common optical systems.

The Laser Ray Box emits five red laser streaks across any flat surface it is placed on. The Ray Box is magnetic so it can stick to some whiteboards. This kit can be used in normal room lighting, or reduced light. Blackout is NOT necessary.

Add a work card and you have the outline of an optical device. Choose from: an eye, a simple camera, a Galilean refracting telescope (opera glass), a modern refracting telescope, a wide angle lens and a large protractor for general work on reflection and refraction.

Outlines and numbers on each workcard guide students to choose suitable optical items (magnetic of course!) from the shaped storage case, to complete the optical device and reveal the path of light rays through the various components. Components can easily be moved and changed to explore the phenomena of long and short sight, see how spectacle lenses provide correction, understand how a camera or telescope creates a focused image, investigate refraction and calculate refractive indices.

All the optical items can be used individually for teacher-designed investigations.


• Laser Ray Box and plugtop mains adaptor (5V)

• 6 laminated workcards, approx 400 x 280mm

• 6 acrylic lenses, 5 numbered for identification

• 3 mirrors: plane, convex and concave

• 2 semi-circular blocks/lenses

• 1 right angle prism

• 1 rectangular block

• 1 straight “light pipe”

• Compliant to EN61010-2010 with certificates available on request

• 5V plug top power supply for LED lines

Sizes: Optical items and Workcards 430 x 350 x 60mm, mass 1.72kg.

Laser Ray Box 100 x 75 x 40mm, mass 250g.

GBP260 ex VAT
In stock

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