Ultrasonics Kit KIT

Ultrasonics Kit KIT
GBP290 ex VAT

Product Description

Ultrasonics Kit

This is a unique kit for convincing demonstration of the wave nature of sound.

• Direct analogue of the properties of electromagnetic waves

• Units supplied with exponential horns

Consisting of a transmitter, receiver, slave transducer, two-reflectors and a perforated plate, this kit supports investigations of reflection, interference and diffraction of sound.

Ultrasonics Apparatus

This equipment operates at a frequency of 40kHz, giving a wavelength in air of approximately 8.3mm under normal atmospheric conditions. Detachable exponential horns increase the range and efficiency of the system. They also constrain the ultrasonic energy into the narrow directional beam required for certain experiments. Investigations into reflection, interference, etc. may be carried out. By pulse modulating the transmitter output a functional SONAR (sonic RADAR) system may be assembled. However, the longitudinal, unpolarised nature of the ultrasonic vibrations does not allow polarisation experiments to be performed as optical analogues. Individual units in the range are listed separately.

They can be used for:

• Investigations into reflection, interference, etc. using Doppler effect

• Possible to transmit speech over 100m distance

• SONAR system may be set up and demonstrated

The transmitter and receiver units are supplied with equipment notes.

GBP290 ex VAT

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