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For measuring the degree of rotation of plane-polarised light by solutions of optically active substances. Mounted in a steel box with a 6V bulb in the base. Light from this source passes through a polarising filter then through a yellow filter to the sample tube. The interior of the tube support is finished in matt black to reduce internal reflections and is held in position by a pair of 4 mm plugs and sockets. The rotatable analyser is mounted in the top panel with a fixed 0-360 degree scale for measuring the rotation of the polarised light. The steel body has a hinged door for access to the sample tube and the illuminator unit slides out for bulb changing.

• Illumination - 6V, 0.3A tungsten

• Filter

• Sample tube 150 x 15 mmm length x diameter

• Analyser scale - 0-360 degree - extinction at 0 degree / 360 degree and 180 degree

• Dimensions 270 x 100 x 100 mm, height x width x depth

Supplied with polarisers, yellow filter sample tube and instructions

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