Unilab Solid State Laser

Unilab Solid State Laser
£379.99 ex VAT

Product Description

Designed for safety the laser is now very low-power (1mW) and is protected by a key switch to prevent it’s unsupervised use. The power output places the laser in ‘Class 2’ as recommended for use in schools and colleges. No damage is likely should a stray reflection of the beam enter the eye at such low power.

The wavelength of the light is 635nm which compares favourably with the helium-neon wavelength of 632.8nm.

Additional features include:

• Tapped (M5) exit hole for possible mounting of optical components, fibres etc. Closest to the point of emergence of the beam

• Laser support arm (from the laser accessories kit) connects to a tapped mounting point and allows the laser to be supported using an ordinary clamp stand and boss

• Metal case fitted with 1.8m of mains cable, illuminated ON/OFF switch, locking key switch with 2 keys

• 250mA fuse

• This device is compliant to EN61010-2010 with certificates available on request

Wavelength: 635nm. Beam diameter: 6mm at 5m. Divergence: 3mrad

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