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Code: B8R04837
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Product Description

The LED.modulator is designed to modulate the intensity of the LED.laser or LED.white with an analogue signal.

Signal is input via either a pair of 4mm sockets (for example – from a signal generator), or a 3.5mm audio jack, for connection to an MP3 player or other audio source.

A 1MHz internal generator is also available that allows direct measurement of the speed of light, when used with the LED.laser and a dual trace oscilloscope.

Input selection is via a control panel, and is indicated via an LCD display.

A captive driver lead delivers power and signal to the light source of choice, and a BNC socket allows the output signal to be observed on an oscilloscope simultaneously.

As the unit modulates the power to the light source, a power supply is not required – simply use the LED.laser or LED.white’s own plug-top supply.

Note: 4mm plug leads or a 3.5m plug-to-plug lead is required to connect the signal source, and a BNC plug-to-plug lead is required to view the signal on an oscilloscope.

An experiment guide is included on CD.

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