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Optical Bench, Wooden, 1.5m

£144.99ex VAT
Code: B8H89963
Unit: KIT

Product Description

Wooden baseboard 1.6m x 140mm with a 1.5m scale divided in mm plus 6 sliding moulded bases 100 x 50mm each with index line, brass pillar and locking screw. The following accessories are included:

• 1 12V, 24W S.B.C projection lamp with lead and 4mm plugs

• 1 white metal object screen 75mm in diameter with gauze

• 1 holder for lenses, 38mm diameter

• 1 white metal receiving screen, 100 x 75mm with a slot for squared paper screen on the reverse

• 1 object needle mounted in 6mm brass rod

• 1 Plane mirror in a metal frame 100 x 75mm

Each of the accessories is mounted on a 6mm brass rod which fits into the stands giving an optical height 125mm above the base board.

A power supply unit is required for the projection lamp.

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