Bench Power Unit - Pack of 5 Pack of five

Bench Power Unit - Pack of 5 Pack of five
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Product Description

Our most popular general purpose power supply.

• Output voltage selected by rotary switch in 1V steps up to 13V

• Long switch lifetime - switch voltage safely at full load without switch contact arcing

• Continuously rated output of 8.5A, a.c. or d.c.

• Internal fan for cool-running under load

• Fully protected secondary, by high speed, resettable electronic trip

• Slow-blow fuse protection for primary

• Additional thermal trip protection for transformer

• Compliant to EN61010-2010 with certificates available on request

Recommended for general-purpose laboratory and workshop use by students.

Provides 0-13V a.c. or unsmoothed d.c. in 1V steps at a maximum current of 8.5A. Both a.c. and d.c. outputs may be used simultaneously provided the combined output does not exceed 8.5A. Internal heavy-duty relays enable voltage to be switched whilst on full load without switch-contact problems thus giving a long switch lifetime.

The internal, quiet-running fan will hardly be noticed but it reduces the already low thermal stress in the unit still further, ensuring long life of the instrument. Triple protection is provided by a resettable electronic overload trip, thermal transformer trip and slow-blow fuse on the primary.


Width: 175mm.

Depth: 190mm (including cable clips 206mm).

Height: 298mm.

Mass: 4.8kg.

GBP599.99 ex VAT
Out of stock

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