Ranger Power Unit - Pack of 5 Pack of five

Ranger Power Unit - Pack of 5 Pack of five
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Product Description

A continuously variable power supply that many teachers choose in preference to a switched unit

• Output voltage variable by rotary control knob up to 15V

• Continuously rated output of 8.5A, a.c.

or d.c

• Adjustable, maximum voltage lock

• Internal fan for cool-running

• Fully protected secondary by high speed, resettable electronic trip

• Slow-blow fuse protection for primary

• Additional thermal trip protection for transformer

• This device is compliant to EN61010-2010 with certificates available on request

The Ranger is the preferred option for general-purpose student use, where a continuously variable supply is required and where the ability to lock the maximum voltage is desirable.

Provides continuously variable, 0-15V a.c. or unsmoothed d.c. at a maximum current of 8.5A. Both a.c. and d.c. outputs may be used simultaneously provided the combined output does not exceed 8.5A. The maximum voltage, that the unit can be adjusted to, can be locked to a setting selected by a teacher (or technician) using a key provided. The unit has a quiet-running fan that reduces heat build-up when running at heavy load for long periods of time. Triple protection is provided by resettable electronic overload trip, thermal transformer trip and slow-blow fuse on the primary.


Width: 175mm.

Depth: 190mm (including cable clips 206mm).

Height: 341mm.

Mass: 5.4kg.

GBP839.99 ex VAT
In stock

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