Spacesaver Picoammeter

Spacesaver Picoammeter
GBP206 ex VAT

Product Description

• A very popular instrument housed in the Spacesaver case

• Detect currents as low as 1pA on the 100pA range

• Input voltage up to 5kV

• BNC socket for shielded lead

• Auto-zero facility

The Picoammeter is designed to measure very small currents and has nine ranges from 100pA to 1μA, selected by rotary switch. The instrument has a large moving coil meter, with an auto-zero facility. Input is by way of 4mm sockets or a BNC socket, for very low currents where a shielded lead is preferred. Input impedance is 10MΩ and voltages up to 5kV will not damage the unit.

Suggested uses include: measurement of ionisation currents, reverse currents of silicon diodes, resistivities of wood and paper, capacitor leakage current, etc.

• This device is compliant to EN61010-2010 with certificates available on request

Dimensions: Width: 175mm.

Depth: 190mm (including cable clips: 206mm).

Height: 298mm.

Mass: 2.7kg.

GBP206 ex VAT

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