Deluxe Stereo Amplifier Kit

Deluxe Stereo Amplifier Kit
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Product Description

This deluxe kit can be used with any personal stereo equipment, including MP3 players.

The kit has a volume control and power LED.

It can be powered by a batteries connected to the PP3 clip or a DC power module can be plugged in when the batteries automatically disconnect and the power supply is used. The kit can be powered by a 2V to 15V supply, though the volume is better with a higher supply.

It uses a TDA2822M audio amplifier IC which can output 1W per channel. Requires soldering.

Kit includes:

• 1 x TDA2822M audio amplifier IC

• 1 x 8 pin IC holder

• 1 x 1Kohm resistor

• 2 x 10Kohm resistors

• 1 x 10Kohm dual potentiometer

• 2 x 4.7ohm resistors

• 1 x Red 5mm LED

• 2 x 100nF capacitors, ceramic disc

• 2 x 470uF capacitors, electrolytic

• 2 x 100uF capacitors, electrolytic

• 1 x 10uF capacitor, electrolytic

• 1 x 3.5mm stereo jack cable

• 1 x PP3 clip lead

• 1 x right angle power switch

• 1 x DC power socket

• 2 x speakers (8ohm, 66mm) and connecting wire

• 1 x deluxe stereo amplifier PCB

PCB dimensions: 62 x 50mm.

GBP11.5 ex VAT
In stock

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