Dice Project Kit

Dice Project Kit
£7.99 ex VAT

Product Description

This kit has 7 LEDs that are used to display a random dice number every time the ‘start’ button is pressed. A PIC micro-controller controls the dice. The ‘start’ switch mounts directly onto the board allowing it to be used as built or the dice can be housed into an enclosure.

Kit includes:

• 1 x PP3 battery clip lead (heavy duty)

• 1 x 3 AA battery cage with clip

• 7 x red 5mm diffused LEDs - 275mCd

• 7 x 330R resistors

• 1 x 6mm PCB mount tactile switch

• 1 x IC socket 8 pin

• 1 x electronic dice kit PCB

• 1 x pre-programmed IC

Size: L66 x 39.5mm.

Requires: 3 x AA batteries, soldering iron, solder, and wire cutters.

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