K'NEX Real Bridge Building Set

K'NEX Real Bridge Building Set
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Product Description

This large set builds replicas of real world bridges up to 8, long, two at a time. Designed to assist student in their study of the history, function, structural design, geometry and strength of bridges, it helps students investigate the physical properties of materials and their application in the placement of design and construction of bridges. The models demonstrate 7 key bridge bascule, cantilever, cable-stayed, truss and suspension, arch and beam.

The set includes 2282 pieces and comes with student instructions and a comprehensive teacher’s guide.

It supports 6-8 students building simultaneously. Key terms, definitions and lesson plans which explore the characteristics and purposes of bridges, how they hold their load, how much they cost to build and what part they have played in history are included.

The concepts covered by this 2,282

Piece set are:

• Defining the characteristics and purposes of seven bridge types

• Investigating how different bridge types hold their loads

• Determining and calculating costs involved in building a bridge

• Exploring the history of each of the real-world bridge

• Exploring the reasons for building one type of bridge instead of another

• Evaluating the strength and stability of each bridge type through experimentation

Model instructions include replicas of:

• Firth of Forth Cantilever Bridge

• Tower Bascale Bridge

• Golden Gate Suspension Bridge (San Francisco)

• Chesapeake Bay Beam Bridge (Virginia Beach)

• Columbia River – Astoria Truss Bridge (Oregon)

• Sydney Harbour Arch Bridge (Australia)

• Dames Point Cable-Stayed Bridge (Jacksonville)

• Age 10

• Builds 7 models

• Supports 6-8 students

GBP172.99 ex VAT
In stock

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