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Microbit CoderKit

£35.99ex VAT
Code: B8R06337
Unit: Each

Product Description

This unique product has been designed to teach programming and basic electronics in a creative and fun way using the BBC micro:bit. It allows you to create basic electronic circuits without the need for cables and soldering by using a semi-conductive paint to link the components.

Once the circuits have been made, use the BBC micro:bit and a bit of creativity to programme them to function in any way that you decide. CoderKits are suitable for all levels of programming experience, and are perfect for use in schools to teach the new computing curriculum.

All boards are reusable as the semi-conductive paint can be washed off with water, which also allows for corrections to be made for simple mistakes.


• 4 CoderKit Boards

• LED Traffic Lights

• Joystick

• Thermistor


• Semi-Conductive Paint

• BBC micro:bit sold separately

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