Ohbot 2.1 Sensor Pack

Ohbot 2.1 Sensor Pack
GBP29.99 ex VAT

Product Description

A pack of sensors so Ohbot can sense daytime, when something moved or if its nose is touched.

Pack includes

• Light sensor

• touch sensor (with fixing pack to attach to Ohbot's nose)

• tilt sensor

• cables to connect to Obrain board

• instructions on set up

The sensor values can be used directly within the Ohbot software using dedicated blocks.

• light level - provides a value between 0 and 10 dependent on light level

• touch -provides a value of true if touched and false if not touched

• Tilt -provides a value of true if tilted and false if not tilted

Works with Ohbot for Windows or Ohbot for Raspberry Pi.

GBP29.99 ex VAT

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