Resource Pack for Workstations

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Resource Pack for Workstations
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Product Description

A bumper kit of materials which is ideal for stocking the Technology Workstation with useful items.

4mm Dowel x 600mm Pack 100

8mm Jelutong x 600mm Pack 100

10mm Jelutong x 600mm Pack 100

Lollisticks Pack 1000

Card Axle Supports Pack 100

Card Triangles Pack 500

Plain Matchsticks Pack 2000

Coloured Matchsticks Pack 2000

Wooden Clothes Pegs Pack 36

Wooden Pulleys 30mm Pack 10

Wooden Pulleys 40mm Pack 10

Toffee Apple Sticks Pack 100

Turned Wooden Wheels 38mm Pack 10

Turned Wooden Wheels 50mm Pack 10

Wooden Balls 25mm Pack 10

Wooden Balls 35mm Pack 10

2 Blade Propeller Pack10

3 Blade Propeller Pack10

Paper Sticks Pack100

40mm Plastic Wheels Pack 100

Starter Gear Pack 80

50mm MDF Wheels Pack 100

40mm MDF Wheels Pack 100

5m x 4mm Green Tubing

5m x 5mm Yellow Tubing

5m x 6mm Red Tubing

Modelling Wire 1/2 kilo reel

40mm Card Wheels Pack 100

50mm Card Wheels Pack 100

Cotton reels Pack 100

2mm Dowels Pack 1000

Balloons Pack 100

GBP216.99 ex VAT

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