Visualisers and Digital Microscopes

Safely demonstrate practical work with your class, wherever they are!

For back to school 2020, your school may be considering the science teachers demonstrating experiments at a safe distance, be it from the front of the classroom or even remotely for home learning. Visualisers and digital microscopes offer a great solution to safely demonstrate practical work.

What does a visualiser do?

Visualisers connect to whiteboards, screens, projectors, monitors etc to provide high quality visuals of the teacher demonstrating an experiment to the class from a safe distance.

What does a digital microscope do?

Digital microscopes allow for whole class visualisations of microscope samples, removing the need for any direct contact between the students and a microscope.

Remember, CLEAPSS’ guidance is that teachers will need their own set of equipment for demonstrations, which will need to be quarantined or meticulously cleaned before use by another teacher.


Digital Microscopes