Micro-Chem Advanced Kit Pack of ten

Micro-Chem Advanced Kit Pack of ten
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Product Description

The Micro-Chem Advanced Kit will perform a wide range of investigations over and over again. It is designed for both individual and group use. Some investigations that can be carried out are:

• Reduction of Copper Oxide

• The Zinc/Copper cell

• Compounds, elements, pure substances and mixtures

• Conductivity and pH of solutions of acids and bases

• Preparation of oxygen and hydrogen

• Preparation of iron (III) chloride

• Preparation of copper (II) chloride

• Organic chemistry: saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons

• Extraction and purification of gold from its ore -an analogy using copper

• The reactions of sulphur with oxygen

• The reactions of a metal with oxygen

• Electrolysis of water


Quite simply it is most aspects of traditional 'Macro Scale' practical science done on a micro scale, using equipment and techniques that mirror those used in industrial, clinical and forensic laboratories.

Micro-science is increasingly being adopted throughout the world as a method to delivery effective practical science in schools and universities and meet the challenge of growing difficulties with safety, time and cost.Many of the UK GCSE specifications refer to Micro-science investigations and there are many investigation examples to be found on the Royal Society of Chemistry website www.rsc.org.

Although featured here in our Chemistry section, Micro-science is also applicable to Physics and Biology investigations.

Why use Micro-science

More efficient and effective

• More orderly learning enviroment (less moving around the room, no rush for limited apparatus, mainly seated during practical activities)

• Encourages good scientific attitudes (attention to detail, careful observation,working systematically)


• Safety is enhanced as much smaller quantities of chemicals are used or produced, greatly reduces risks

• Possibility of breakages / spillages greatly reduced, encouraging confidence and hands-on' involvement

• Smaller quantities also reduce the chemicals that are disposed of at the end of lessons, reducing pollution


• With Micro-science, investigations can be completed quickly giving more time for thinking about results and drawing conclusions and students can also retain more reliable data by gaining time to repeat observations

Motivation & Ownership

• The most important thing is that students enjoy using the Micro-science equipment

• Students enjoy performing their own tasks and generating their own data

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