D4000 Distinction Water Still

D4000 Distinction Water Still
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Product Description

The Distinction is a simple glass water still with a silica sheathed heating element. Designed to give a reliable performance and has an output of 4 litres per hour of high quality distilled water. The Distinction is supplied complete with a ‘reservoir level control’ which fits into the distillate collecting vessel and will turn off the heating element when the vessel is full. A built in PTFE drain stopcock and acid funnel allow easy cleaning without dismantling the glassware which protect the still from overheating in the event of cooling water supply failure, or loss of water from the boiler. The Distinction complies fully with IEC1010-1/ENG1010-1:1993 and carries the CE mark. The condenser is fitted with screw thread connections for safe and simple hose fitting and removal. The still can be wall or bench mounted.

• Output: 4 litres per hour

• Water supply: Minimum flowrate 1 litre per min, Min pressure 0.2 x 105 Nm-2 (3 psi)

• Distillate quality: Pyrogen free, Conductivity 1.0-2.0μScm-1, Temp. 25-35°C

• Element power: 3kW, silica sheathed

• Electrical supply: 220-240V, 50-60Hz Single phase

• Dimensions: 540 x 160 x 410mm, width x depth x height

• Mass: 6.5K

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