Sensordisc - Wireless compact data logger with built-in sensors for school science

The market leading solution for all your datalogging needs!

SensorDisc™ is the complete, all-in-one science lab in the palm of your hand. With 12 built-in sensors, it offers unparalleled convenience, cost and portability, all whilst saving time on lab setup. Complete with easy to use analysis software for displaying and recording experiments, SensorDisc™ is compatible with PC, macOS, iOS and Android.

Equipped with 12 sensors:

• Distance (Motion)
• External Temperature
• Light

• Microphone
• pH
• Relative Humidity
• Sound Level

• Voltage 
• Air Pressure
• Ambient Temperature
• Current

See SensorDisc™ in action

SensorDisc™ is about making science learning simple, compact and immediate. With 12 built-in sensors, 150 hours battery life, the capability to capture 100,000 samples per second and the ability to save one million samples, SensorDisc™ is the market leading solution to all your data logging needs.

What’s included?

Quick start guide

Analysis software

Experiment guides

Extend the learning possibilities of SensorDisc™

External CO2 sensor

Investigate breathing, photosynthesis and environmental research


Measure the timing and speed of objects

Charging Tray

Charge up to 8 SensorDiscs at once

External Voltage Sensor (-10 to +10V)

Measure voltage of circuits 

External Current Sensor (-250 to +250mA)

Measure currents of circuits

Magnetic Field Sensor

Measure magnetic fields of coils and constant magnets

Wireless Force and Accelerometer Sensor​

Explore forces and acceleration

Heart Rate Sensor​

Compare and measure human pulse rates

External Respiration Sensor (-200 to +200 L/min)

Show respiration of flow rates


Have the complete all-in-one science lab in the palm of your hands. Our SensorDisc™ is perfect for schools and FE as a data logger, with convenient portability. All about making science learning simple, Philip Harris even has experiment guides and the relevant software all in the same place, ensuring easy use. Shop SensorDisc™ on Philip Harris now.