Climate change inspired activities to try

Climate change is an issue which affects us all and it is an interesting topic to explore at any time of the year, with pupils of all ages. How we harness the power of renewable energy needs, to the impact climate change has on our natural world are all part of the fascinating climate change subject.

We have asked our in house Technician team to choose their favourite climate change inspired activities to try out.

Exploring renewable energy

The future of our planet may very well depend on us using more renewable energy resources, rather than using up our planet’s natural non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels. You could plan an activity around the science and geography curriculum from KS2 onwards, to explore how the sun, wind and running water can be used to generate our power. 

A renewable energy kit such as this one from our sister brand Hope Education is an excellent way to demonstrate renewable resources including Solar Power, Wind Power and Waterpower.

The kit contains a base unit, solar panel, wind and water turbine blades, and has a variety of visual dials which include a meter, a siren, flashing lights and moving cogs to demonstrate the possible effects of power generation.  The kit can be used effectively both indoors and outside.

Identifying species and monitoring habitats

A good way to spark climate change debate with your pupils is to firstly create an enthusiasm for nature and the outdoors. You can do this by using identification guides to spot plants and animals. This venture can be done inside the school grounds, or further afield. Remember to choose a guide which matches the environment you are exploring, for example;

Flowers of the hedgerow identification guide

Playing fields plants identification guide

Common fungi identification guide

Wildlife habitat guide to the hedgerow

You could ask pupils to record what they see, before undertaking further investigations into their findings.

Investigating the biodiversity of the underwater world

Open your pupils’ eyes to the biodiversity of their outdoor surroundings and the impact climate change is having on where species are choosing to live and even their reproductive patterns. 

Flora and fauna are affected by climate change, with some choosing to make their home in areas where they previously would not have been found. This could be due to increased risk of flooding or drought, or temperature changes.

If there is a pond nearby, use an environmental investigations kit to investigate the biodiversity of the local area. The kit should contain a well-chosen selection of nets, containers and viewers. Some activities you could undertake are:

  • Use the pond nets to take sweeping samples from different depths in the water
  • Lift a water sample from the pond and transfer it to the collecting tray to examine for any aquatic creatures
  • Extract a smaller sample of water using the pipettes and petri dishes, for pupils to further examine
  • Attempt to identify any organisms using magnifiers

Get the students to look around the pond as well as in it. Are there any insects that live around the pond?  These could be collected for inspection and identification using forceps and bug pots. Remember to take an identification guide, for example

The quality of the water could also be tested using a water testing kit.

Always make sure that any organisms are returned to the same location as they were collected from.

Always take care when sampling from a body of water

Get advice about climate change inspired activities

If you have any questions about setting up climate change themed activities, please contact our Technical Support Team via

If you enjoyed venturing outside to explore climate change, try our fun outdoor science lesson ideas too.