Chromosome Staining Kit KIT

Chromosome Staining Kit KIT
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Product Description

This kit is designed to complement the book Investigating Chromosomes by Dr. A. F. Dyer of the Department of Botany, University of Edinburgh, by providing the necessary basic chemicals and equipment for ten students (or ten pairs of students) to make their own preparations from living organisms. The technique described is straightforward and has been evolved by Dr. Dyer to provide good results ‘first-time’. Although onion seeds are provided with the kit, students will benefit from investigating other material.

We supply a variety of kits and living organisms to give students hands on experience of genetics in action.

Our range includes Rapid Cycling Brassica and Maize plants to demonstrate Mendelian genetics, alongside various Drosophila mutants for A level study.

Escherichia coli is available in kits to illustrate gene regulation and genetic transformation.

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