Cauliflower Cloning Kit (Meristem Tissue Culture) KIT

Cauliflower Cloning Kit (Meristem Tissue Culture) KIT
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Product Description

This kit provides the necessary media and instructions for propagating small cauliflower plantlets from cauliflower curd. This technique, known as Meristem culture, has been chosen as an introduction to plant culture because of its relative speed and simplicity.

No special facilities are required and provided the instructions are followed carefully, plantlets should be visible in 6-8 weeks. Once grown, the plantlets can be transplanted into seedling compost and ‘grown on’.

Additional supplies of growth medium are available to allow teachers to adapt the technique to meet their own needs.

Suitable for 16+ or ‘A’ level students.


• Sterile loops

• 10 x peat discs

• 10 x vials medium

• 2 x 100cm³ medium

• 10 x Clear containers with lids

Sufficient for ten students/groups.

GBP73 ex VAT

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