Molymod® Organic (Teacher) Set

Molymod® Organic (Teacher) Set
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Product Description

The Molymod organic set can be used to make any number of simple molecules and is designed for those needing to make many models, such as teachers and lecturers.

The atom parts are made of solid plastic spheres and are available with from 1 - 6 holes in the usual angular orientations.

The contents are contained within a sturdy plastic storage box.

The contents of the Molymod organic teacher set include;


• 24 carbon atoms (black, 4 hole, tetrahedral)

• 6 carbon atoms (black, 5 hole, trigonal bipyramidal)

• 2 carbon atoms (black, 2 hole, linear)

• 6 carbon atoms (black, 3 hole, trigonal)

• 12 oxygen atoms (red, 2 hole, angular)

• 40 hydrogen atoms (white, 1 hole)

• 4 nitrogen atoms (blue, 4 hole, tetrahedral)

• 1 sulfur atom (yellow, 4 holes, tetrahedral)

• 1 sulfur atom (yellow, 2 holes, angular)

• 4 phosphorus atoms (purple, 4 hole, tetrahedral)

• 8 halogen atoms (green, 1 hole)

• 2 metal atoms (grey, 1 hole)

• 1 metal atom (grey, 2 holes, angular)


• 55 medium links (grey, single bonds)

• 25 long flexible links (grey, double/triple bonds)

• 60 short links (white, all bond types)

• 6 pink unhybridised p-lobes, 6 purple unhybridised p-lobes and 6 lone pair of electrons lobes.


• 1 tool (used for disassembling models containing short link bonds)

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